If you have been looking for just the right short ankara styles for casual events, you are just right where you will find them.

Ankara will always intrigue us with the many things that can be done with it and we keep being enthralled by the myriad of styles we get to see in this fabric, week in, week out.

These styles are just too chic.

Latest 2018 Styles

Cc @neyekafashion

Cc @ajekafu in @j_ashstitches

Cc @s3fa_gh in @algeocollections

Cc @_prettyabby

Cc @exclusivebby1

Dress by @marianalee01

Cc @o.oluwanishola

Cc @amanda_dara in dress from @may_27couture

Cc @berlamundi

Cc @esianderson

Cc @thelma.smart in @moecouture

Cc @azukile in @richfactory