These latest lace asoebi styles volume 10 is the perfect tonic for your asoebi blues. Ain’t no party like a Nigerian party and as expected, no Saturday goes by without one party activity or the other. Party wear is an essential to any event and since humans will never run short of design ideas, we can never run short of style ideas to bring you as well.

Designers are always on their toes trying to outdo each other and this weekend was not any different. The beauty of the some of the outfits in this post is in their versatility. They can be worn to that party, formal event, church or even work.

Cc @_shuga_pee Outfit by @kendramolly_

Cc @t16worldoffashio

Cc @nneda.n in @farachisewinghub

Cc @tafrique.s in @quintessencebyoats

Cc @foxyshadie is a spice in @jbliving>

Cc @mojibadeshow in dress by @a.t.k_fhouse

Cc @indulgenceandspice

Cc @luceecarter

Cc @adorable_ada

Cc @effkoko in Dress by @ibilolaogundipe

Cc @tiwathetailor

Cc @smallsss23

Cc @iammmroyal