Perfect 12 Work Wear Styles For Tuesday

Every day is a hustling day. No one is going to hand over anything to you on a platter of gold (except if you are a “small girl with big god” kinda lady). Due to this, you need to work and make that money so you can live the life you have always longed for lady.

To make this even worth the while, we love to bring you corporate styles that will put you in the right frame of mind for work.

Why don’t you look through and see these lovely options lady?

Latest 2018 Styles

Pink suit set

Nude beaded knee length oitfit

Another suit for the win

Yellow and black never looked so good!

Crop pants and jacket

Mellow Yellow!

Cc @tokemakinwa

Cc @bolanle

Lilac and purple came to play in this silk shirt on pencil skirt

Wrap top on pants set

Cc @toolzo