15 Funky Lace Aso Ebi Styles (PHOTOS)


There are aso ebi styles and there ARE funky lace  asoebi styles that are in a league of their own.

I can bet my last kobo on it that when these ladies stepped out to their respective events decked in their unique and beautiful outfits, they had people craning their necks to have a full view of their outfits.

Not only have these women been blessed with the right clothes, but they also have the right body and carriage to pull it off. You don’t wear an outfit like this and not brim with confidence, it is simply not done.

Photography @bedgepictures

Cc @bussychic

Cc @houseofbee1

Cc @mimi.mos in Dress by @bb_artistry

Cc @nanahchuka in @sammielle_couture

Cc @l.a.w.o.m.a.n

Cc @cutejenny_a

Cc @deniks_a

Dressed in @benedizione_bdz

Cc @a.t.k_fhouse in outfit made by her